Responsible Gambling:4 Guidelines that Will Keep You and Your Money Safe and Help Avoid Risk Behaviour

Gaming is a fun activity for many people and for many it is harmless. However, for some, it can become a very big problem. As a casino, we encourage people to play our games, but we also encourage doing so safely and responsibly. If you know that you have a problem with gambling of any kind, you need to get help and stay away from places where you can get into trouble.

It does not matter whether you go to a casino, play the lotto, bet on horses or sports teams, or play a card game, all of these are gambling. We have come up with 4 guidelines that will improve responsible gaming.

The four guidelines for responsible gaming are:

The house always wins

This is, unfortunately, true. The odds of winning against the house are slim. The games are set up to only have a certain amount of money paid out. Knowing this will help you prepare mentally. It should also help you stick to the limits you have set for yourself regarding time and money spent on the game.

Family, friends, or colleagues

Gaming is responsible when friends, family, and colleagues are part of it. It helps you stay accountable for your actions. There is always someone that will look out for you and step in when they see a problem.

Limited time

Gaming should have time limits. A responsible gamer has limits when it comes to the duration of gaming as well as the frequency. Again, set a limit of time and money that you can spend playing your game. Once that time or money is up, it means it is time to leave.

Loss limit

You will probably lose some before you win some. Responsible gaming means you have a loss limit. This should keep your mgm slots live free chips gaming within budget. Once the loss limit has been reached, it is usually time to go home.

Besides these guidelines, you should also use common sense. Don’t gamble when you are under-aged or under the influence of alcohol or drugs. Avoid gambling when emotional or depressed. Last, but not least, avoid borrowing money to gamble.

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