To contribute to our blog, means we want you to write for us. We like hearing about experiences in the casino and what things you liked or didn’t like. We want to know how the kids experienced it and if there was enough for them to do. We want feedback on your experience with the slots or cards. All of this helps us improve the casino.

Apart from sharing experiences, we also want writers that can write casino related posts at least once a week. These posts can be on almost any topic that is relevant to the casino or its shops and activities. We welcome anyone who might feel they have what it takes and would like to write for us.

The third type of contributor that we are looking for, is people who have experienced problems with gambling. We want to hear your stories and what happened and how you go out of it. We are not here to judge, but rather to support, encourage and learn from you. If feel that you can share your story and inspire others with your journey, please consider sharing that story with us and our readers.

To contribute in any of these ways, please contact us for more information and our selection process. We look forward to hearing from you.